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Led by our dynamic youth steering group, carefully​ selected through a competitive process in early 2024, Give an X boasts 10 vibrant individuals, each hailing from diverse regions of the UK. These young leaders embody a range of lived experiences, all sharing one​ commonality: prior to their involvement, they were not​ registered voters.

Our campaign is unapologetically led by young people, for young people. A youth steering group has guided the campaign from its inception, closely co-creating its design and narrative strategy. Give an X spokespeople include young people from across the country ready to step up and ensure that young voices are heard during a critical year of elections. 


As part of their vital role on the​ steering group, these passionate youths are​ compensated accordingly.In addition, Give an X benefits from the expertise of an​ esteemed advisory group comprising leaders from​ academia, the youth sector, the electoral commission,​ and various industries. Their invaluable guidance fuels​ our strategic objectives, ensuring every young person's​ voice is heard at the polls.


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Lavanya Manobharath
Aya Elgool
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Eden Byrne
Jayde Tanisha Edwards
Chloe Pomfret
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Introducing the dynamic partnership of Give an X, powered by the collaboration of My Life My Say, the #iWill Movement and Shape History. Our alliance stands as a beacon for change, uniting the vibrant energy of the youth sector, the innovative spirit of the creative world, and the unwavering dedication of youth activists. Together, we are leading the UK's most dynamic and wide-reaching voter registration drive, drawing upon a collective wealth of experience in amplifying youth voices from historically underrepresented communities.


Our strength lies in the diverse expertise within our partnership. Shape History specialises in digital marketing, behavioural change expertise, and social impact. Meanwhile, My Life My Say and the #iWill Movement bring to the table years of youth-led community mobilisation and targeted advocacy that has shaped the landscape for young changemakers.

Endorsed and championed by leading UK youth sector organisations—including the #iWill Movement, My Life My Say, UK Youth, Volunteering Matters, and over 250 youth organisations under the #iWill Youth Charter—our campaign embraces a collaborative ethos. Leveraging an array of communication strategies, we unite our existing networks, influencers, and millions of potential voters in a vibrant, creative movement towards empowerment and engagement. 


The advisory board consists of industry leaders, political figures and young campaigners  from across the political spectrum dedicated to ensuring that young people’s voices are heard at the general election. They work to ensure that the campaign remains true to its founding values of being collaborative, youth led and non-partisan.

  • Dr Krish Kandiah OBE  - Director, Sanctuary Foundation

  • James Endersby - CEO, Opinium

  • Tom Brake - CEO, Unlock Democracy

  • Yasmin Waljee OBE  - International Pro Bono Partner, Hogan Lovells 

  • Sami Gichki - Co-Chair, The #iWill Movement

  • Amanda Best - Chief Operating Officer, NCS

  • Sharon Gaffka  - VAWG Campaigner 

  • Jessica Blair - Campaigns Consultant, USA, formerly When We All Vote

  • Alice Mazzola - Campaigns Consultant, formerly Global Head of Activism, The Body Shop

  • Larissa Kennedy - President, SOS-UK and former NUS President

  • James Kaguima - Founder, Skate Cabal

  • Harjeet Sahota - Head of Stakeholders, The Labour Party 

  • Nero Ughwujabo - Senior Strategy Advisor, The Princes Trust

  • and former Special Advisor Rt Hon Theresa May MP

  • Dr Florian Foos - Associate Professor, London School of Economics

  • Ruth Pryce - Head of Youth, Paul Hamlyn Foundation

  • Karen Landles - Public Sector Lead, Global Media 

  • Ellie McDonald - Consultant, Headland Consultancy

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Address: Plexal, Press Centre,14 East Bay Lane, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E20 3BS


Give an X campaign is powered by My Life My Say, the #iWill Movement and Shape History

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